The onset of dementia (alzheimers is a form of dementia) in a loved one shatters your world and shakes the foundations of who you are as a person, a family and a community. It sets off a series of questions with no answers, your current situation and future plans are completely rearranged and you are lost in a sea of financial, medical and practical challenges that would be daunting in times of stability but can be debilitating to someone who has ‘lost’ their partner, parent or friend. 

Fear and exhaustion flood in and your judgement is clouded by an unsettling and un-invited new reality. It’s the beginning of an intensive learning curve during which it is easy to loose focus, get confused and feel heartbroken and afraid. It is also a very lonely time which can leave spouses, carers and families burnt out, sad and without hope.

I know – it happened to me.

Let me help you find stability, comfort and dignity through a combination of emotional support and practical, coping strategies built around your unique circumstances.