I am Rose Polkey. 

Through my experience of dementia in those close to me and by working with experts in the field, I have collected a wealth of information on best practice and the encouraging emerging evidence on dementia management. Combined with my experience as a coach and counsellor, I have created a process that will support you through the arrival of dementia in someone close to you. 

My passionately individualistic approach will help you honour your relative or friend and yourself as your life journey changes.  I can advise you on making choices about care, guide you towards reigniting a compassionate and affirming relationship with your loved one and assist you in meeting their needs. I can also help you to find peace - and the courage to redesign a healthy personal path. 

Dementia is a fast-growing disease which is impacting people on a daily basis and yet it is not talked about or planned for. I am passionate about changing this and improving the lives of both those who have the disease and those who are affected by it. Read more about dementia here.